Information about me

I was born and educated at a school in Stockton, California. Since childhood, I always interested in electronics, computers and modern technology. After school, I really wanted to become a programmer and learn how to make computer games. I graduated well from university. And even went to work in the specialty. Of course, working as a programmer was not as interesting as I would have liked. And the creation of games is a long process and not as interesting as it seemed to me. But I always loved and did my job well. During my work I was actively interested in what other positions are created in games and how to master them. I looked at many opportunities, and most of all I liked the profession of product marketer. And a year later I was interviewed for the position of product manager in a new company in the game development department, which I still work for.

Information about blog

Over many years of working as a product manager, I have gained a lot of experience. I want to share this knowledge and experience. Well, of course, writing articles you can think about and systematize your knowledge.


University of the Pacific (UOP)

Bob Stocktons
Bob Stocktons